Making Different the New Normal

Ariel Small spent most of his childhood trying his best to fit in and be a normal kid. But, when Ariel was 6 he was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome

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Surviving Skin Cancer

Like a lot of people, Krista Easom knew about skin cancer. She just never thought it’d happen to her.

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Yoga for Recovery

People can practice yoga almost anywhere. Cook County Jail is no exception.

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Girls on the Run

Being a middle schooler is hard but this after school program gives girls the tools they need to conquer anything that comes their way.

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Cards for Hospitalized Kids

Cards for Hospitalized Kids sends cards and spreads smiles to hospitalized children across the country.

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Mental Health and Homelessness

Mental illness and homelessness are often closely linked. Here’s what a local organization is doing to help.

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Surviving and Thriving Post-Stroke

Kirk Disrude was young, healthy and expecting baby number one. He never thought he was at risk for a debilitating stroke.

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The Gift of Organ Donation

Organ donation saved Steve Ferkau’s life. Now, he’s determined to help others.

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Bicycle Benefits

A bike ride provides a built-in workout and can provide a new and exciting way to see the city.

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Normalizing what’s Normal: Post-Baby Bodies

When it comes to pregnancy and childbirth, it’s important to know what’s normal, what’s not and how to accept and embrace everything that comes with bringing a baby into the world.

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Chicagoland Aesthetics

Liposuction is shown to be a reliable method to remove unwanted body fat and contour the body. Chicagoland Aesthetics provides […]

Veins Without Surgery

Men and women can now eliminate varicose veins and spider veins with a revolutionary non-surgical vein treatment at the Chicago, […]

Food and Cancer: What you need to know

Could what you’re eating help protect against cancer?

Healthy Bites with Rick Rivera of Las Palmas

Jane teams up with Rick Rivera of Las Palmas to create a healthy and refreshing Mexican dish!

How To: Craft the Perfect Juice

Have a hard time getting your daily serving of fruits and veggies? It may be time to hit the (juice) bar.

LHC Fitness: Sweat on State

This boutique fitness studio wants to see you sweat your way to better health.