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WGN-TV and CLTV proudly present the only weekly, locally produced health program in Chicago.

To healthcare providers: Living Healthy Chicago is a unique television program giving healthcare providers a powerful method of attracting new patients.

Living Healthy Chicago is available:
-Sunday mornings on WGN-TV
-15 weekly airings on CLTV
Online 24/7 through WGNTV.com & CLTV.com
Sponsorships can include:
Featured Partner Vignettes:
We work with you to create custom 2:00 vignettes to air within the Living Healthy Chicago program on WGN-TV and CLTV. Featured Partner Vignettes are designed to motivate and educate viewers about you and your specialty. This gives the audience a reason to contact you over another provider.
This sponsorship includes all video production.
Commercials (:30 or :15) can be created for use on WGN-TV and CLTV to increase your results.
All Living Healthy Chicago video is available at www.livinghealthytv.com linked through WGNTV.com and CLTV.com. Our web sites and web video substantially expand your audience.
Your display ad will also be included on all of the above sites.  
For additional information call Glen Callanan 773-883-3173

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