The importance of sleep for teenagers

The importance of sleep for teenagers
The health risks of not getting enough zzz's.

Getting a good nights sleep cruicial for everyone but its especially important for teens because it impacts their ability to be a good student.  Health teacher and Psychologist at Francis W Parker School Dr. Kavita Ajmere says, “Especially for teens, it effects their academic health, their ability to concentrate in school and some of the psychological aspects are their mood; their irritability factor goes up.  So you can imagine people kind of label teens as oh theyre just a moody teen but often times my question is are they getting enought sleep?”  She also says national statistics show that only 20% of teens are getting the required amount of sleep per night.  She continues, ”
The average number is about seven hours and we know and the research is really clear that teens need about nine and a quarter hours of sleep per night.”  She is teaching the importance of sleep in the classroom.  Tips include:

-Power down computers, tv and phones one hour before bedtime.

-Wear comfortable clothing, use black out shades, eliminate caffiene, and to sleep the same time per night.

When teens don’t get enough sleep, they pay the price.  Lack of sleep results in being lathargic, reaching for too many carbs, poor school performance and hindered brain development.

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