October, 2012

Kick the smoking habit!

Professional support is key to quitting.

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Healthy Bites with Chef Armando Vasquez of LaScarola

Try out this healthy gluten-free pasta recipe from Chef Vasquez! Can you make it for under $20?

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The importance of sleep for teenagers

The health risks of not getting enough zzz’s.

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Childhood Obesity: A dangerous trend

Chicago’s kids are more overweight than ever, and the crisis is threatening their health.

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Healthy Bites with Susan Goss of West Town Tavern

West Town Tavern’s Executive Chef Susan Goss creates a healthy and seasonal Fall dish.

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Biofeedback: Increase your body awareness

What if you could see your heart rate or your breath in real time? A local expert says you can, and it can change your life.

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University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System – Bariatric Surgery Program

Robotic gastric bypass surgery helps patients lose weight and change their lives.

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Northwest Community Hospital – DaVinci Surgical System

Northwest Community Hospital is the first robotic surgery institute of its kind in the tri-state area. Surgeons from around the country travel to Arlington Heights to learn how to use the DaVinci Surgical System for Hysterectomies and other Gynecological procedures.

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Rosecrance – Why Families Wait

Rosecrance offers adolescents and adults dealing with a substance abuse problem the best opportunity for lasting recovery in Chicagoland.

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Illinois School of Health Careers

Illinois School of Health Careers’ mission is to provide quality educational and training opportunities to those individuals seeking the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain entry-level employment in the allied health or related professions. Illinois School of Health Careers was first established in 1990 and was acquired by ForeFront Education Inc. in July of 2003. […]

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Healthy Living as a Family

Did you know that the company you keep can affect the number you see on the scale? Get healthy…together!

LHC Fitness: Glideology

Glideology is a fitness class using a glide board which targets the core, glutes, and even offers some cardio!

How To: Reduce your Risk of Stroke

Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability in the U.S. Find out how to reduce your risk!

Healthy Bites with Chef Nathaniel Park of Knife & Tine

Jane teams up with Chef Nathaniel Park to see if he can make escolar (aka butterfish) healthy and tasty.

Child Allergies: What you need to know this School Year

Keep your kids safe this school year with these food allergy tips!

Heart Valve Replacement: A Lifesaving Surgery

A valve from a cow saves this local musicians’ life.