July, 2012

Easter Seals – Make The First Five Count

Easter Seals staff, therapists and families know what’s possible when kids get the support they need during the first few years of life.

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The Lifeline Program

Lifeline has helped thousands of Americans realize their dreams through life settlements.

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Dr. Garg: Chicagoland Aesthetics – Veins Without Surgery

Dealing with varicose veins does not have to be difficult or painful.

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Knecht Chiropractic – Relieve Those Aches and Pains

Have annoying aches and pains? A trip to Knecht Chiropractic Clinic may be the answer to your pain!

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Bryan Anderson-A true Inspiration!

Meet Bryan: a veteran that is a true inspiration to anyone.

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Mixing Technology into your Fitness Routine

Incorporating technology into your fitness routine can not only help you exercise smarter, but have more fun in the process too.

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Treatments for Migraines

Are you vulnerable to migraines? They’re caused by various triggers and are genetic. Learn about the variety of treatments.

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Gluten-Free Diet: Is it Right for You?

It seems that people all over the country are jumping on the gluten-free bandwagon. But, does it help people feel better?

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Juicing: A New Way to Get All of Your Fruits and Vegetables

Juicing is an affective alternative to eating fruits and vegetables.

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Healthy Bites with Chef Cory Morris at Mercat a la Planxa

Make your own crab salad and watermelon-tomato gazpacho.

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Food and Cancer: What you need to know

Could what you’re eating help protect against cancer?

Healthy Bites with Rick Rivera of Las Palmas

Jane teams up with Rick Rivera of Las Palmas to create a healthy and refreshing Mexican dish!

How To: Craft the Perfect Juice

Have a hard time getting your daily serving of fruits and veggies? It may be time to hit the (juice) bar.

LHC Fitness: Sweat on State

This boutique fitness studio wants to see you sweat your way to better health.

Making Different the New Normal

Ariel Small spent most of his childhood trying his best to fit in and be a normal kid. But, when Ariel was 6 he was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome

Healthy Bites with Chef Yanna Liakouras of the Parthenon

Certain foods help protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Jane teams up with chef Yanna Liakouras of the Parathon to prepare traditional Greek dish. Opa!