July, 2012

Easter Seals – Make The First Five Count

Easter Seals staff, therapists and families know what’s possible when kids get the support they need during the first few years of life.

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The Lifeline Program

Lifeline has helped thousands of Americans realize their dreams through life settlements.

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Dr. Garg: Chicagoland Aesthetics – Veins Without Surgery

Dealing with varicose veins does not have to be difficult or painful.

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Knecht Chiropractic – Relieve Those Aches and Pains

Have annoying aches and pains? A trip to Knecht Chiropractic Clinic may be the answer to your pain!

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Bryan Anderson-A true Inspiration!

Meet Bryan: a veteran that is a true inspiration to anyone.

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Mixing Technology into your Fitness Routine

Incorporating technology into your fitness routine can not only help you exercise smarter, but have more fun in the process too.

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Treatments for Migraines

Are you vulnerable to migraines? They’re caused by various triggers and are genetic. Learn about the variety of treatments.

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Gluten-Free Diet: Is it Right for You?

It seems that people all over the country are jumping on the gluten-free bandwagon. But, does it help people feel better?

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Juicing: A New Way to Get All of Your Fruits and Vegetables

Juicing is an affective alternative to eating fruits and vegetables.

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Healthy Bites with Chef Cory Morris at Mercat a la Planxa

Make your own crab salad and watermelon-tomato gazpacho.

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Healthy Living as a Family

Did you know that the company you keep can affect the number you see on the scale? Get healthy…together!

LHC Fitness: Glideology

Glideology is a fitness class using a glide board which targets the core, glutes, and even offers some cardio!

How To: Reduce your Risk of Stroke

Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability in the U.S. Find out how to reduce your risk!

Healthy Bites with Chef Nathaniel Park of Knife & Tine

Jane teams up with Chef Nathaniel Park to see if he can make escolar (aka butterfish) healthy and tasty.

Child Allergies: What you need to know this School Year

Keep your kids safe this school year with these food allergy tips!

Heart Valve Replacement: A Lifesaving Surgery

A valve from a cow saves this local musicians’ life.