May, 2012

You Can Be an Athlete!

Staying in shape as you age is a common challenge, but here are some easy tips to get into the game again.

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Imerman Angels: Cancer Survivors Connecting With One Another

Imerman Angels is an organization that helps those dealing with cancer to connect with someone that has already been through the process, learn more here.

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Overcoming a Rare Cognitive Abnormality

Learn how symptoms of easily curable NPH can be mistaken for other memory loss diseases.

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Healthy Living as a Family

Did you know that the company you keep can affect the number you see on the scale? Get healthy…together!

LHC Fitness: Glideology

Glideology is a fitness class using a glide board which targets the core, glutes, and even offers some cardio!

How To: Reduce your Risk of Stroke

Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability in the U.S. Find out how to reduce your risk!

Healthy Bites with Chef Nathaniel Park of Knife & Tine

Jane teams up with Chef Nathaniel Park to see if he can make escolar (aka butterfish) healthy and tasty.

Child Allergies: What you need to know this School Year

Keep your kids safe this school year with these food allergy tips!

Heart Valve Replacement: A Lifesaving Surgery

A valve from a cow saves this local musicians’ life.